Immigration Activist Urge Senator Warren to Run

Towson Immigration Attorney: Immigration Activists Urge Senator Warren to Run

Immigration activists led, reportedly the largest national Latino online advocacy organization, signed a petition asking Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president. The groups executive director is quoted as stated that, “It would be a mistake to say that Hillary Clinton is the Latino candidate,” Arturo Carmona, executive director of told National Journal. “She has a lot to prove, and frankly, there’s a long list of concerns that she has to address, and it starts with her stances on ending the massive deportation program that continues in this country.”

Senator Warren has definitely excited the progressive wing of the Democratic party with other groups asking her to run. Liberal groups such as among others have hosted petitions for her to run. So far she has stated that she will not run and has not taken steps to act like a potential candidate. These steps would be visiting early caucus and primary states while running around the country raising boatloads of cash and repeatedly denying that you are running. The denials are to make a mockery of campaign finance laws limiting contributions to candidates. Hence, if you are not a candidate you can raise as much as your billionaire friends want to give you. Senator Warren doe snot appear to be doing that and if she plans on getting in she better do so fast because the Clinton machine has a large network built over decades.