Immigration Hold To Remain

Baltimore Immigration Lawyer: Hold on OBama’s Immigraiton Plan To Remain

The Federal Judge in Texas who issued a hold against the implementation of President Obama’s immigration policy has denied a request to lift the stay. The judge ruled the government hasn’t “shown any credible reason for why this Directive necessitates immediate implementation.”

According to CBS News, Judge Hanen is holding the Department of Justice’s feet to the fire on the allegations that at least 108,000 people already received benefits under the new law prior to the grant of the stay and the fact that the DOJ did not inform the court of this at the initial hearing. ¬†Judge Hanen has threatened sanctions, but in a little of political theater and an astute one on his behalf given his perceived hostility against immigration reform, he decided to punt on issue sanctions for now.

The issue will have to go the Supreme Court for final resolution as has all of Obama’s major policies so far such as the Affordable Care Act which has had at least two supreme court cases decided or pending.